Why us

Flexible, hassle-free, and affordable storage and moving solutions made for the DMV!

SpaceMaker is the DMV’s family-owned-and-operated, on-demand, mobile storage company, forever changing the way we store and move here in DC, MD, and VA.

No more renting a big, hard-to-drive truck, only to suffer unexpected gas, insurance, and late charges.

No more lost weekends and wasted time schlepping to out-of-the-way self-storage centers.

Why pay for expensive self-storage, when you can save time and money, and have it delivered to your door? Portable storage units are affordable, making people’s lives easier, and forever disrupting the self-storage industry in the same way that Uber and Lyft disrupted transportation.

SpaceMaker makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3, delivering portable storage units right to your door!

1. Deliver2. Pack3. Store or Move
We deliver the portable storage unit to your door.You pack it at your pace and at your convenience.You store it at your place or our secure facility; or we will bring it to your new home.
Let us do the driving. Not only hard to drive, renting a truck is costly and time-consuming.On your schedule. Take a long weekend, a month, or even a year. Your storage unit is at your doorstep, not across town.Anytime access. Keep the pod at your home and your things at your fingertips. If you have us store it, call us and we’ll bring it back to you.

Looking for a Self-storage Unit?

On-site Self-storage Units Simplify Your Life

On-site storage at your place – keep your things close

Need extra storage space on your property while you renovate or remodel your home? Or maybe you’re downsizing and decluttering and need a staging area to help with the process. We’ll deliver as many storage units as you need. And you can keep them for as long as you like. Nothing like having anytime access to your stuff.

Store at our secure facility

If you’re looking for an off-site indoor storage solution but are having nightmares about your last self-storage facility, we’ll deliver your storage container, and give you as much time as you need to load it. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up and bring it to our secure storage facility nearby, where you can access your storage unit any time. Or just call and we’ll re-deliver it to you. And the best part, you only load and unload once (one-touch your stuff!) when compared to the self-storage and rental trucks.

Use your storage unit to move!

One of the most convenient things about SpaceMaker Mobile Storage is that we can move your unit wherever you want. If you have a local move coming up, learn why storing with SpaceMaker might be the right choice.

Hosting an event? Let us help you.

As DMV locals, we love to help our neighbors with their events throughout the area. Our containers are ideal for transporting supplies from one location to another or for securely storing your supplies and equipment during the event. Other uses: cooling or heating station, bag check or storage, check-in booth.