Mobile Storage in DC, MD & VA

The old ways of storage were daunting, tiring, and often stressful. No one wants to pack up, haul, unpack, and repeat over and over again just to keep their home or business organized! That’s why at SpaceMaker we’re proud to offer a better solution: Our mobile storage systems make storing your possessions a stress-free experience, providing you with on-demand storage that’s both affordable and effective. 

SpaceMaker Mobile Storage is a family-owned and -operated portable storage company offering a dependable solution when it comes to finding superior mobile storage in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. With our range of storage sizes and customized, flexible schedule, there’s no better choice for storage than SpaceMaker! 

Looking for portable storage in Maryland or the DC metro area? Call 833-997-7223 or get in touch with us online to reserve your storage units today!  

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What is Mobile Storage?

Come-to-you storage is still somewhat on the newer side, so it’s fair to be a little confused at first. But it’s simple enough! Mobile storage, or portable moving containers, are storage shells that can be moved as needed. These enclosed, detached, and vehicle-free units can be hauled to wherever you need to pack up and store items, and you can load on your own time. 

You can rent as many portable storage units as you need, and we offer various sizes according to how much space your storing needs require. These will be delivered by our team to your location, and once packed, we can move the unit to wherever you need it, or we can take the unit back to our secure facilities, where your items will be secure until you need them again. 

Our Portable Storage Services in MD, DC & VA

SpaceMaker Mobile Storage is proud to provide a diverse range of portable storage offerings, including three unit sizes, secure portable storage units, and flexible scheduling and pricing. Our storage units are ideal for:  

  • Commercial business storage
  • Residential storage
  • Seasonal storage
  • Moving storage
  • Event storage  
  • Home staging storage  
  • Restoration and remediation  
  • And much more  

Flexible Portable Storage Containers from SpaceMaker

So how much storage space do you need? No matter what, you can count on SpaceMaker to have you covered. Our storage units are constructed of durable galvanized steel materials, featuring easy access, lockable doors, and weatherproofing. These mobile storage units are the ultimate in keeping your possessions secure and safe. 

We offer these sizes of portable storage unit: 

  • 8’ x 8’ storage units (Holds roughly 1-2 rooms’ worth of items) 
  • 8’ x 16’ storage units (Fits around 3-4 rooms’ worth of items) 
  • 8’ x 20’ storage units (Holds up to around 5 rooms’ worth of items)

Not sure what size portable storage unit you need? Our sizing guide can help you pick the unit, or units, that fit your storage project best! 

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Contact SpaceMaker for Mobile Storage Units in MD, DC & VA

For years, our local storage company has been offering fair pricing and a superior customer experience to our clients. When it comes to getting storage, we strive to make the process an easy, no-stress experience. And all of our storage offerings are affordable, too. When you’re looking for the best portable storage company in Virginia and the DC metro areas, look to SpaceMaker and you’ll always be set. 

Call 833-997-7223 to discuss your needs with a storage expert now, or contact us online to reserve portable storage today!